PVC Water Stop Seals, Water Stoppers, Water Bars

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Published: 05th April 2011
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PVC Water Stopper is a handy product to safeguard concrete constructions from excessive water pressure and leakage. Most important feature of PVC Water Bar is to adjust any expansion or contraction arising in the joints to avoid any damage to the structure. The chemical composition of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) used in PVC Water Stop Seal does not allow changes in weather and humidity to effect the strength of the construction. This highly effective product ensures moisture resistance to the core of a solid substance. Its fire resistant quality adds to the overall advantages.

Since welding of this product is simple, therefore different types and sizes of it can be effectively devised in all kinds of concrete formation. . Apposite fixation of PVC Water Stop Seal prevents water and other liquid substance from causing damage to hard surfaces. PVC Water Stop Seal is compatible with most chemicals and other liquid which come to contact with it. Adding to the impressive traits of this dependable product is the fact that apart from the standardized roll of length from 10 to 15 meters, it can be availed at any length according to the requirement.

Depending upon the requirement PVC Water Stoppers can be availed in Ribbed, Dumb Bells, Kicker and Serrated types. Ideally, the width of PVC Water Bar is not thicker than that of the material it is being used in but it can be customized for required width and thickness according the structure of the construction. Proper installation of the water bar is mandatory to make the formation water proof. It is engineered to create water-tight compartments during extreme water flows.

PVC Water Stopper is a device that has become one of the indispensable necessities for developing a strategic structure. For diverse hydrostatic pressures, suitable water bar can be selected to ensure superior quality. PVC Water Stop Seal is used in constructing almost all the planned concrete structures such as basement car parking, underground shops, tunnels, roads, bridges, etc. It is especially used in structures that are in constant contact with water such as dams, sewage tanks, swimming pools and tube wells etc. For huge concrete formations, installing water bar guarantee substantial strength. It saves constructions from getting effected due to moisture, temperature, fire and even corrosion.

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